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DAS System Design

Our engineers draw up a detailed proposal including itemized system components and their costs.

DAS System Design
  • Development of a link-budget analysis for multiple wireless technologies for both coaxial cable and fiber optic systems, with an accounting of all losses and gains in the RF In-Building System for each distribution antenna. The system design also ensures that the uplink and downlink RF paths are balanced.
  • The equipment for In building wireless systems are selected according to coverage requirements, RF link budget specifications, and customer aesthetic needs. These include coaxial or fiber optic cable, repeaters, fiber equipment, distribution antennas, and splitters, connectors, etc.
  • Perhaps the most vital element in the wireless network plan is a detailed and specific design drawing. CSS drawings are accurately portrayed to depict equipment placement, with detailed installation instructions and link budget analyses for each antenna. Hard and soft copies of drawings are available.
  • CSS projects are based on a core methodology of disciplined schedules with initiation, planning, execution, control, and closure. Each step is fully completed before moving on, ensuring a wireless solution that is solidly built from the ground up.


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